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Email sent to The Henderson Empty Email sent to The Henderson

Post  Karl on Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:32 am

Dear Sir/Madam

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Karl
******, I run an online forum called “Save The
Henderson Hospital”. It was set up when I heard the
news that The Henderson is about to close. Our main
aim is the keep news of The Henderson closure in the
news. Also, most, if not all of the News we find on
the Internet has been indexed on the site, making it
easier for people to read, without the need to trawl
the internet to find them.

I sent an email to The Henderson on the 8th of Jan
(which I sent again superseding this Email) but I fear
I may have addressed wrong , as I never received an
answer. However, this is not the reason why I am
writing now.

I received an email on Friday 18/01/08 the contents
of which you can read below.

“Dear Karl

I am emailing you on behalf of Philippa Stroud,
Conservative Parliamentary for
Sutton and Cheam. Philippa was concerned by the news
last December that
Henderson Hospital was to close. She is aware that
you have been running this
forum in protest of the decision.

Philippa was wondering if you and your fellow
campaigners would be interested
in meeting to discuss the situation and ways forward.

If you are interested, then please do not hesitate to
email me back or ring my
colleague Charlotte Pickles on ************

Kind regards


Campaign Researcher

Centre for Social Justice

9 Westminster Palace Gardens, Artillery Row, London,
SW1P 1RL “

This offer came quite out of the blue, there had not
been any correspondence and the Email was sent to me
via the Save The Henderson Forum. The mere fact that
we have not asked for any involvement from their team
indicates to me that they are keen to be involved.

The idea that I have in mind here is such. We will be
sending two members of our protest forum. This will
consist of David, who runs Four Directions UK which is
a support service and he also works for the
Samaritans. I will also be attending, representing the
Save The Hendo forum and making a case from an
Ex-Residents prospective. I will also be contacting
some of the Ex-Residents I have made contact with over
the last few weeks so I might take some written
testimonies from them on Hendo life and what closing
The Henderson would mean to them .
I wanted to ask about the possibility of having two
current residents attend the meeting with us, then we
can give a before and after prospective. I understand
this may not be possible because of the number of
residents currently at The Henderson. If this is the
case, perhaps one resident and maybe a staff member.

I am really hopeful that a meeting with Philippa
Stroud could prove to be very productive and at the
very least raise the profile of The Henderson’s case
in the public eye.

I shall be looking to contact Philippa Stroud some
time at the beginning of this week but first, I would
really like to touch base regarding this meeting with
you first.

You can contact me via this Email address
or by telephone on ***** ******


Karl ****** (Ex-Resident 1990)

James, Thanks for being patient with me on the phone
Sunday evening. I have all the confidences in the
world and can sell sand to camels but the mere thought
of taking to someone from The Hendo after all this
time made me shake to my knees...


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Email sent to The Henderson Empty Re: Email sent to The Henderson

Post  Karl on Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:35 am

As yet, there has been no answer in response to a meet with Philippa Stroud. Just a very short response by way of acknowledgment is all. With time marching on, it's frustrating to say the least.


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