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Do you Remember

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Do you Remember Empty Do you Remember

Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:59 pm

I remember clear blue skies and rainy days
The toy soldiers we used to play
Wooden horses and cuddly toys
And a man called Troy

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine
Cartoons with bits kids shouldn’t have seen
Bubble gum that’s far to chewy
Henry or was it Hong Kong Phooey?

Saturday morning TV was always neat
Big Bird with bloody great feet
Today were gonna talk about the number 2
I can think of a word, can you?

I remember the Jackson 5
Grease and staying alive
Starsky and Hutch and Mr Magoo
Remember white dog poo?

That man from Atlantis too
And who shot JR, was it you?
Ironside, Petrocelli and the facts
Michael Jackson when he was black

Who could forget The A-Team
That guy looked so mean
Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse
A green man as big as a house

Disney films and all the stuff
Lassie was such a slut
Wonder Woman and the Banana Splits
Miss world with all those bits

High kicking films from Bruce Lee
Jumping out the TV
The Brady Bunch and oh yeah
Car wash and afro hair

Batman and Robin “Holy Cow”
Black and white TV’s of course
*Sings*Champion the Wonder Horse

Many more I have missed right here
Think and the will reappear
In the words of Kojak maybe
“Who loves ya Baby”


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