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Post  Karl on Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:26 am

Remember people less fortunate the you
Remember the working boys in blue
Remember those in need of help
Remember those in ill health

Remember the starving in need of aid
Remember the choices we have made
Remember people weve since lost
Remember its not about the cost

Remember our Boys overseas
Remember in what we do believe
Remember those that fight in our name
Remember those with nothing to gain

Remember those in risk of neglect
Remember our friends need respect
Remember those we should forgive
Remember to live and let live

Remember our soldiers who risk their lives
Remember the risk so we survive
Remember the human race
Remember the hardship some will face

Remember the old, cold and frail
Remember those in ships that sail
Remember to hold yours close
Remember the ones you love the most

Remember those that live in fear
Remember this while you drink a beer
Remember those for which we pray
Remember all this Christmas Day


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