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Major support for Henderson Hospital

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Major support for Henderson Hospital Empty Major support for Henderson Hospital

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:11 pm

Major support for Henderson Hospital


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Major support for Henderson Hospital Empty Re: Major support for Henderson Hospital

Post  Karl on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:37 am

The Government can find 2 billion to fund a brand new aircraft carrier which only deals in death.
The same government can’t find a small amount of cash to fund a vital and flagship service like Henderson Hospital, a hospital that “Saves Lives” There’s something a little out of balance there.

It is a documented fact that many PCT’s are taking funds from local mental health services the help prop up local NHS services, robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.

The treatment received by residents at Henderson Hospital is second to none. Residents are treated as equals when many have never been treated that way ever before.
When a prospective resident attends an interview, normally this is because they have exhausted every other avenue that can be explored in main stream mental health. They are desperate to find and bring about change to their otherwise volatile lives.

At a guess, I would say that 80% of residents see this as a last attempt to save themselves from self destruction, a last attempt to put a lifetime of abuse into place and behind them. People that we as a society have failed, that’s social services, school, parents. Police, the health service, politicians, partners and even their families. All have let their past go un-noticed and un-helped , a past that’s set to haunt them every moment of the life.

Personally, I am 17 years on from The Henderson, I can honestly say there is not a day go by that I don’t draw on the knowledge I gained from my time as a resident there. I consider myself extremely privileged to have been given the chance to change my life. A chance, had I have not had, I doubt I would not be writing this today.

The Henderson is about given people the chance, tools and a safe environment to be able to get to grips with past and carve out a positive future. No-one that comes through this experience will tell you it was ever is, the truth is fare from that, it’s bloody hard work and the biggest emotional roller coaster that can ever be ridden but ride it we must.

There is a proverb that can sum this up far better than I ever could

“If six people tell you you’re sick, lie down”

I think that fits here , how many people, ex-residents, staff, Doctors, Professors, mental health experts and Mp’s (the list is endless) need to stand up and be counted before someone starts to listen. Someone whose job it is to listen and take note and in turn do what clearly needs to be done.

Something I would say we all remember from our time at The Hendo, is

“One day at a time”

If the Henderson is allowed to fade away, just what will tomorrow bring. I dread to think.
May the knowledge gained from The Henderson Never be forgotten.


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