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Forty Something Empty Forty Something

Post  Karl on Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:48 am

Forty years on and life starts falling apart
Wondering why
Should have known from the start
Love that soon turned to hate
An empty shell
Souls gone, all too late

Building castles in the cloudy sky
Walk away
Say goodbye
Life will never be the same
But there’s no benefit
From more of this game

The world as its known changes today
Never say never
OR there must be another way
Watching everything crashing down
You expect me to smile
And wonder why I frown

Watching the calendar as you set a date
Standing back
As you lose your soul mate
If only you had said and done
Simple things
If only had begun

Love can melt a man to his knees
All for love
Just for the love of thee
Changes that you would have seen
If life had been
The way it was meant to have been.


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