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Boulders Empty Boulders

Post  Karl on Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:15 am

Are there times when you wake up?
And wonder who you are
The beer that you sup
Things that seem bizarre

Reality seems to leave you behind
And the friends you once had
The memories left to remind
Things that left you sad

Differences of opinions and sitting back
Caring about the things we do
Stating what should be matter of fact
Folk wanting a piece of you

Best friends dying
And others talking crap
Some are nothing more than trying
Itís like I am in a trap

Lifeís pulling you apart
Making everything a mess
Not knowing where to start
Lifeís too short for requests

People dying in the streets
They turn and look away
Starving, nothing to eat
Staying alive another day

Bad decisions made without a care
Things we do make no sense
Wondering what is fair
And those that are fucking dense

We are born and the innocence we lost
Life eats away a bit at a time
Daily changes at what cost
Things without change reason or rhyme

I stand to face these things every day
Weighed down with boulders
This is no way to stay
The world upon my fucking shoulders Ö


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