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Blind Prejudice

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Blind Prejudice Empty Blind Prejudice

Post  Karl on Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:14 am

The day goes on around you
Like any other day
Things become an issue
And the words you cannot say

To judge a man youíve never meet
For stuff youíve seen others do
The things you canít forget
The hatred grew and grew

A slippery path a waits
As you travel an angry road
People that youíve come to hate
But never really known

A man in need is before you
You canít believe your eyes
Drowning in a lake
Through prejudice and lies

You jump in to help
Dragging him ashore
A heartbeat canít be felt
Your help he needs once more

Time to cast prejudice aside
And do what must be done
The feeling of hate inside
The need to overcome

The breath of life is back again
After this attack
You realize you are the same
It matters not, white or black.


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