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One for the Road

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One for the Road Empty One for the Road

Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:52 pm

Ever wondered why things appear
After a few shots
And a couple of pints of beer
The vertical stance youve too take
Standing ups
Another big mistake

A few more drinks to put the day trights
Looking at the clock
Soon to be midnight
The world starts to spin
The ultimate cardinal sin

Making plans and plotting whats to come
More drinks
And half a bottle of rum
A wobbly feeling down below
Feeling sick
And eyes like piss holes in the snow.

The early hours are calling your name
Finish your beer
You have no shame
Trying to find your way home
Lighting a cigarette
With you favourite brown comb

You sit down to take a rest
Falling asleep
Comatose at best
Sleeping in the gutter again
Too drunk to care
Too gone to complain

Awakening to people going about their day
Stepping over you
Youre in their way
Picking yourself up from the floor
Thinking of the bottle
Your gonna get from the store

Spending the day drinking in the park
Folk walking past
Making snide remarks
Another drink is yet to be had
Drunk from a bottle
In a brown paper bag

Night time falls again once more
And didnt even make
To your home front door
Back to the pub to repeat this mess
The whole bloody lot
No more, no less


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