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Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:49 pm

From the wonders of the Internet
Just some of the E-Mails
I might get
Down below is a list of these
No bloody use
No science degrees

Jokes that no-one reads
Viruses, junk
And tax free leads
Pills to help the way youre hung
Creams to make aging
Come undone

Offers for online medication
Pictures of girls
And masturbation
Illegal filters for digital cable
To watch old films
And Clarke bloody Gable

Sites to help with debt relief
Cars at the best prices
And satanic beliefs
Mail to say youve won 10,000
Just where did I write
That number down

Losing weight while you sleep
Schwarzenegger for governor
I cant compete
Amazing deals on real estate
Find old friends
And join debates

Special prices for DVD
Most of which
Are in Chinese
Beautiful girls look inside
Mail from people
You since despise

Platinum cards from American express
An online priest
I can confess
Free software they might send
Many things
To drive you round the bend

All the questions the children make
Is that a man
Or is a snake
All this mail is a waste of time
Not just theirs
But yours and mine


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