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Smack, Crackle and Pot

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Smack, Crackle and Pot Empty Smack, Crackle and Pot

Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:48 pm

Smack, Crackle and Pot

Drugs aint enough
Drink has no effect
Smoking dope
Puffing like a train
Pissing on fireworks
I cant complain

Motivation and desperation
Chewing gum shoes
Dragging you back
Ive lost my way
Nothing left to give
Nothing more to say

Sleepless nights and cold sweats
Banging hangovers
Unpaid debts
Nothing ever seems to change
Falling apart
Nothing but rage

Link by link passes another day
Searching and hunting
To find a place to stay
The chain goes on for miles
I get to spend
Another night on the tiles

The world looks grim today
Subway of life
With a sad tune to play
People in $400 suits
Shinny trousers
And Rockport boots

Took my place and paid the dues
Stop the bus please
Theres nothing left to lose
Just a nickel bag
I take my place
A new day and another ugly slag

Crack another bottle and well see
Find what you want from that
But leave the worm for me
Nock it back Down in one
Oh yeah
Its only just begun

All Fucked up and nowhere to run
Sitting back watching
Life come undone
Bending rules along the way
Taking no notice
The very things people say

One more journey to a place
The last trip beyond
Out of the race
Pulling out all the stocks
An eternity
Stuck inside this wooden box


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