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Within these Walls

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Within these Walls Empty Within these Walls

Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:47 pm

Within these four dark walls
Where I once sat
Trembling with fear
Innocents inside
Waiting for the worst
Or safe place to hide

Curled up tight as a ball
A crack like thunder
The walls fall in around
Familiar smells in the air
And the stench of beer

The shallow digs soon start
Verbal abuse
To break me down
Try not to show the hurt
Knowing full well
That doesnt work

Torture and a smack in the face
A smashed up body
Another gift from him
Lies and anger in the air
This bullshits
Just not fair

Shouldering all the blame
Bearing all the guilt
For incidence passed
Unhappiness, pain and lies
Trying to push on
Before he opens his eyes

Face is battered for all to see
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Making the best of the day
Kids pointing
Parents looking the other way

Twenty year suffering this abuse
As he sees fit
Hes drunk again by midday
There has to be
Another way

If I leave he will keep the kids
And then
What will happen to them?
With all the things never forgot
I sit
And start to plot

Watching him while he sleeps
Remembering things
Past said and done
I then stood behind the fat oaf
And then slit
The bastards throat

I spend LIFE within these walls
Not a flower
Or child insight
The look of pity on the judges face
Before given an eternity
Inside this god forsaken place


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