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Post  Karl on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:39 pm

Eyes open wide I rise to challenge this day
Clouded judgement to face dismay
Pain filled my head once again
A sitting tennett
I must refrain

On the edge I walk the line
In hope of things different in time
Anvils that thumps throughout the day
The thud of dismay

Medication I thought Iíd left behind
Chemicals to treat the mind
A cloud that follows a pace from sight
Losing the will to stand and fight

The burden of the day to day of being me
An invisible pain others canít seem to see
Anger and frustration boiling up inside
Desperation to provide

Over medicated becoming a way of life
While standing of the edge of this knife
Pop some more pills in hope of relief
The darker side becomes belief

Empty promises become the norm
We canít help but fill in these forms
Becoming numbers in a box of files
Absolute blindness
Total denial

Hanging on living day by day
Surely there must be another way
Sinking into absolute despair
Does anyone really fucking care

Pushed from pillar to post
Treated like a 3 monthly ghost
The very best of care
Heads gone pink
Iíve pulled my hair

Being in pain year after year
A fine line between pain and fear
I donít want special treatment
Just care
The way it was meant

Nothing more, nothing less
Just care at its very best
Penny pinching to save a few bob
Do your fucking jobÖ


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