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Another Letter to David Cameron

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Another Letter to David Cameron Empty Another Letter to David Cameron

Post  Karl on Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:36 am

Dear Sir

After a very productive meeting with your colleague,
Philippa Stroud. It was pointed out that this matter
would be of a great deal of interest to David Cameron
and that he would have the power to intervene given
The Henderson national catchment. A catchment that
does indeed affect people from both Mr Cameronís
constituency and every other constituency in Great
Britain. Therefore I would again like to plead for Mr
Cameronís urgent support on this matter.

I cannot stress enough the important role The
Henderson Hospital has in todayís treatment and
therapies of people with personality disorders, both
here in the UK and World-Wide. A therapeutic community
recognised by healthcare professionals in a great deal
of countries.

I really must implore you to raise this issue with Mr
Cameron and allow him to make the decision of
intervention based on whatís best for his continuance
and the country as a whole.

I have been informed that a letter from Philippa
Stroud will be following that email to show her
support for the campaign to save The Henderson

Lastly, there is a Lobby of Parliament on 18 Feb
2.30-4.30 I hope to see Mr Cameron there and can count
of his support.

Yours truly,
Karl A


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