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Post  Karl on Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:16 pm

My Reasons for opening the Save The Henderson Hospital

My reasons for opening this forum are simple. I was once given a chance in a lifetime opportunity to go to The Henderson a chance to re-direct and take control on my life. That said, the very thought that others may not have the same opportunities I did, disturbs me greatly.

Also, the very fact that The Henderson Hospital will not be around means there will no longer be a safety net for people that have run the gauntlet of the mental health service. Now such people will not have The Hendo as a last resort. Instead they risk long term institutionalisation and or imprisonment. Imprisonment that our countries prisons service does not have the funds, places, manpower and knowledge to deal with.

At some point, someone needs to have the courage to stand up and admit there has been a mistake and do what clearly needs to be done to put it to rights…


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